We had a guy that demanded to play a psionic character in our group…we never read the psionic handbook but he had so we didn’t really mind…even though we had no idea what he was doing most of the time.

At one point after being taken hostage by some orcs squatting in a castle and AFTER escaping into the catacombs we meet an Athach (three armed giant) who’s very dumb. After some discussion he becomes angry and tries to grab one of us. The Psion jumps up and declares that he will slay the foul beast and charges him.

The Athach stands up, grabs the psion with his middle hand, picks up two Large Greatclubs and *roll*…double critical hit…*POP* goes the psions head and the rest of us hightail it out of there before the Athach stops laughing.


By: PrOtOcoN