Two stories about the Burning Hands spell, and the odd consequences of using it.

In the game I DM online, party is clearing off Assassin Vines that attacked their boat

Cleric: Ok, one left. Burning Hands! -fwoosh-

Me: Alright then -rolls for the obvious consequences- yep, you set the boat on fire.

Cleric: Awww

Everyone else: Damnit!

Sorcerer: -runs to get a bucket to put out the fire-

Cleric: No, I’ll handle this -create water, dumped onto deck fire-

Me: -more bad outcome rolls- Well, you put out the fire, unfortunately dumping sixteen gallons of water onto the already fire-damaged deck has smashed a hole in it.

Everyone else: -considers throwing cleric overboard-

From one of the games I played in, we have just climbed out of a cyclops’ larder, and our fighter decided to go all ‘nobody attacked me’ on our host and stab him in the eye.

DM: The cyclops, blind, is groping around the cave searching for you.

Cleric: -fwoosh-

DM: The cyclops’ loincloth has caught fire. He tries to beat it out -rolls- looks concerned -rolls- ok…the cyclops has just punched himself in the crotch to death!


By: GallóglachMaxim