It occurs to me that I forgot to mention our Wizard. We had one, and he had a Tower Shield. An Animated Tower Shield. That he would use to fly overhead and drop alchemic fire on our enemies. And he would use Ghost Sounds to make it sound like a flatulent dragon was invading the bandit camp. Yeah…he’s that kind of player. No, it doesn’t have much to do with this story. But I feel I should mention him, if only for completion sake.

Okay, so on this island, we find that the place we were going to has been invaded by Drow, totally taken over. Breaking through their defenses (and my rogue entirely missing the one session where he could’ve helped disarm some traps), we find ourselves outside of a human battle camp. We need to find out what’s going on, so they send my rogue out to investigate.

I’m very new at this, remember. And I don’t always make the smartest of choices.

So…this happens.

Me: Okay, I sneak into the camp and find the tent with the most official-looking people.

DM: You mean the Generals?

Me: Er…yea, let’s go with that.

DM: Okay, you find their tent. They’re discussing battle tactics and-

Me: I knock.

DM: …What?

Me: I knock on the tent door.

Paladin Player: What, do you just knock on the tent flap?

Me: No I…I knock on the wooden part.

DM: You’re knocking, in the middle of a Battle Camp?

Me: Yeah, what’s wrong with that?

DM: …*Sigh* Okay, everyone inside turns around and spots you. The General yells out “SPY!”, and you are descended upon by everybody in the tent.

Me: Oh…er…do I-

DM: You’re completely dead, a bloody spot in the corner of the tent.

Paladin Player: …Ouch, man.

So, lesson learned. Never try to knock on the door to a battle tent. <.<;


By: Introbulus