My next character was a bit more creative…I rolled some pretty good stats, so I figured I’d give a neglected race a chance: A half-Orc. But not just any half-orc, a Half-Orc Monk! Strong as an Ox, Fast as a Steed, Wise as an Owl…

And an intelligence of 6.

Yeeah…so they told us to go into the nearby encampment where a Drow Sorceress was keeping dangerous magical beasts (Or something…), and we went into the first room, and fought some skeletons. By then, our Gnome Rogue had left us, and had been replaced by a Warmage. So then…

Warmage: Okay, I search the nearby desk.

DM: Hmm…you find inside a few gold coins and a big brass key.

Warmage: *Pockets the coins for herself* Hey, I found this key! Maybe it’ll open the other door!

Paladin: Well…let’s give it to Gesan. He’s pretty tough. If there’s anything on the other side, he can take the first hit.

Warmage: Okay. *Giving Gesan the Key* Now Gesan, I want you to go and open that door.

Gesan: *nods* Okay. GESAN SMASH!!

Paladin: No, wait!

*Roll- Natural 20*

DM: …Um….okay, so the door shatters into splinters. Way to go.

Paladin: B-But…but we had a key…and…and that key was probably to open that door…and…and now we’ll never know if…aaaaugh!

From then on, they made sure to give me the key, and to make me USE the key when entering a door.


By: Introbulus