My brother’s swashbuckler Salvador Le Perignon was a bit of a ladies’ man and his bravery was greater than his fighting ability, though he was still pretty handy with his rapier.

In a mid level adventure we were traveled to an outer plane to get a gem or whatever. We’d found our quest object and were trying to get home when we found a little grove.

Salvador started chatting to the grove tender, who was some sort of nymph-like lady, and eventually convinced her to go off with him. The rest of us waited nervously as they wandered off. About half an hour later (game time) Salvador comes tearing out of the bushes naked yelling:

“That chick was the God of Love’s daughter and he just came back and he grabbed me and I punched him and it didn’t hurt him so I ran and he’s coming and let’s GET THE HELL OFF THIS WORLD!!”

Man that was hilarious. The God of Love caught us easily and kicked Salvador’s ass down to 1 hit point. The rest of us just stood around looking like we didn’t know him.

Then the God of Love ejected us back to our plane without the bloody thing we’d come all that way to get.


By: Kahoolin