I am the DM of my group, and sometimes I really hate the players. They like to make it hard for me to run a serious game for them, because they’ll do things like pull down their pants or start crashing through the windows of people’s houses. I think next time they do something like this I’m going to have the town guard gang up on ’em and beat ’em.

Anyway… One day they were supposed to go looking for information in a town to figure out where this one man was, but they weren’t just going to go house to house asking questions. No, they had to try to be inventive and creepy. The rogue tried to do some tricks in front of this kid, and ended up falling flat on his face because of a weak roll, then he started to intimidate the kid because he was mad, and made her run into her house. He started banging on the door and screaming at the kid “I’m going to kill you!”, until eventually I said the villagers were starting to stare at him.

The time before that they were going to go check out a bank to save some of their gold in there, but instead of just waiting in line they cut in front of a dwarf and pulled down their pants. Right when I was going to say what the dwarf was going to do, I hear the Ranger say “Hey, I want to pull down the dwarf’s pants”.

I was just like “…Really..?”


By: supreme_slayer