In one of my campaigns in days of yore we had a paladin (in full plate with warhorse and lance, natch), who needed to storm a stone watchtower full of bandits. Its only entrance was some 15′ above ground-level, which the bandits got around by using ladders that they drew up into the tower for security.

The paladin attempted to get into the tower by pole-vaulting at the door using his lance. He refused to take the armor off first as ‘there were bandits!’. Needless to say, with all the armor penalties his pole-vaulting turned into a lance-shattering full-face plant into the side of the tower, all to the tune of the bandits laughing themselves sick from the roof and arrow-slits.

Later, when the bandits had spread the story round the countryside, the paladin couldn’t enter an inn without somebody asking about to join his athletics school.


By: Andrewthotep