I did some major DM’ing over Christmas break, both to get my girlfriend accustomed to the game and then playing with my regular group (girlfriend now included).

Okay, first off, gf makes an elf ranger, looking for her father who was a legendary hero. To help her a little, I DM a dwarf companion (who knew her father) and a human bandit whom she spared and roll a nat 20 diplomacy check with.

So, they’re in her first ‘dungeon’, very basic and only containing a few rooms each floor. There’s occasional undead, which sucks because I keep botching the rolls to see if the dwarf and human are frightened. They chatter along after the PC, afraid enough to stay back a ways but brave enough to follow. However, at the end two ghosts appear (not combative) and for giggles I roll the two NPC’s reactions. Two nat 1’s.

They piss themselves and scream like girls.

The second funny story happened in the middle of the first ‘group adventure.’ They party is my gf, a Heygoneko (or whatever it’s called) Samurai, a dwarf fighter (actual PC, not the dwarf from before), and a halfling rogue. They’re in a dungeon fighting four bonedrinkers (nasty things….and awesome). The dwarf gets hit and grappled, and fails his check to throw it off. Several rounds in a row….

It brings him down from 17 Con to 4 before the others realize, “Shoot, we gotta save him!” Luckily they did, and the dwarf hid in the corner for the rest of the battle. They find a Blink Ring, which the Samurai takes.

Finally, at the end of said dungeon. I have a Drow Hexblade/11 in the wings, he’s the BBEG of the session. I planned for him to be a reoccurring villain, and even though he had 49 HP I didn’t think he’d die….his character had amazing armor and some nice spells. After giving his speech of why he’d been raising dead, the battle begins. I wanted the drow to take, maybe half damage….and run.

First round, the Samurai goes first. He immediately blinks behind the drow, and Iaijutsu’s him. Rolls a nat 20, so he succeeds….and a nat 20 to crit. Somehow, someway, he rolled exactly 50 damage….killing my BBEG in one blow.

The table erupted in applause and laughter, and of course, my swearing.


By: Talon Sky