We were a very unlucky group, suffering one fatality after another on a myriad of traps and monsters. We became great friends with members of a local religion that worshiped and specialized in Death…the thing was that they could bring people back for free save that they needed the ingredients (one large uncut gemstone of some X gp worth).

Now, the way that resurrection worked in that campaign was that 1.) you needed a spell + component to activate the resurrection process and 2.) you needed some body part from the person you wanted to revivify.

The thing was, that the body part used would meld into the now alive form but remain “undead”.

We usually just took fingers, toes, or something to revivify people…but at one point the cleric died and I grabbed the nearest bit I saw before we hightailed it out of there, that bit was his left leg.

Some adventuring for components later the cleric is back alive and well, save for his now undead left leg, so he walked with a limp.

This didn’t really affect him that much until we faced off against the evil necromancers sometime later…a particularly powerful one called upon his fel powers and controlled all the undead in a area…along with the clerics left leg. The cleric proceeded to kick himself to death while we fought off hordes upon hordes of animated nasties. That was quite humorous.


By: PrOtOcoN