Just this past weekend we had a stick hit a dragon for 36HP.

Let me say that again, we had a stick hit a dragon for 36HP.

For the long explanation, the stick was created by Master Tovin. An old mage who specializes in making things become sticks when they’re not on the ground. We were in a small town having the local mage look over our stuff we he complains about some weird mage who passed through and sold him a bunch of magic sticks. The immediate outcry from one of our members was “TOVIN!!!”. However, knowing Tovin he also bought a stick.

Of the two he had to choose between, one of them was a potion (old joke involving Tovin), and the other just happened to be an explosion with 20 ft radius and dealt 8d6 damage. Our DM seriously thought that he would toss in down in town or something, just to see what it does. Instead, he saved it. We opened up some doors in the dungeon and we see a dragon (mind you, we’re level 4 at the time). What’s his first action? “I run in and throw down the stick in front of the dragon.” The look on our DM’s face at the moment was just complete disbelief. He gathered up 8d6, and rolled them. He told the player to make a reflex save. He passed the save, so the dragon took 36 damage, and he only took 18.


By: pieaholicx